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Toronto Got Jokes!

Joke of the Day
I work at a bank during the day and this guy asked me for my phone number while I was helping him with a transaction.  I told him “Sir I’m flattered but I am looking at your account and it looks like we’re not going to work out”. 

Crystal Ferrier

Thought of the Day

I think this whole month should be dedicated to mothers!  Whether it’s your birth mother or grandmother or just some special lady that was always there for you…let’s celebrate the strong women in the world that give up their lives to take care of their children.  As for me, I have to admit I am kind of jealous that I mean nothing on this day, since I don’t have children myself.  So, I am renaming this holiday to suit the ladies much like myself.  I am 27 and the only butt I wipe is my own…sooooo…… Happy-Pulling-Out-Worked-For-Me Day!

Crystal Ferrier

Crystal Ferrier is a young, multi-talented, up and coming artist. She is a graduate from York University, obtaining her degree in Sociology as well as Theatre Studies. As a jack-of-all-trades, Crystal is an actress, a comedian, an emcee, a model as well as a business woman. sat down with Crystal for an exclusive interview about her view on diversity in Toronto.


So I am a self-admitted Facebook junkie…don’t judge me!  My biggest pet-peeve is people who have false user names.  Maybe you are an offender yourself.  Come on now, Lisa toohotbigbati Smith?  What it should say is Lisa ilovebuffets Smith.


This is a public service announcement brought to you by my eyes.  Yes, the weather is lovely.  But please ladies do yourselves a favour…please do not bust out those open toe shoes until you hit the salon for that pedicure.  There is nothing sexy about nasty feet.


It’s amazing what your body can endure.  I knew that flying overseas would take a very long time, but what I didn’t know was how difficult and scary it would be.  Ofcourse I always feared flying - hello have you not heard of F.W.B.  (Flying While Brown)!  On January 4, 2010 I woke up anxious at 5am to catch my 8:30 flight from Edmonton to Toronto.  Just the beginning of a long and trying journey that was totally unexpected.


India is full of poverty.  I lived in a small village in North India.  The first day I arrived I got out of the car and I was actually afraid.  To my left I saw cows who were so skinny I could see their ribs.  On my right stood the villagers gathered to greet me.  They were so thin and they were all just staring at me.  I thought "my goodness, I hope they are not thinking of milking me!”

Crystal Ferrier

We at love to have a good laugh (and often!) so we are always out-and-about looking through the vast talent in Toronto’s comic pool, searching for the funniest, edgiest and of course the most diverse comics and shows.  We are putting together the most comprehensive list of comics and shows that can be seen or heard anywhere in the GTA.  If we skipped someone or someplace you know please email their information to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for consideration.


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