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How much buying power does the immigrant population of Toronto actually have? Featured

Written by Chrispen Pasipanodya | Published Monday, 25 January 2010 20:34 |
Showing Toronto's visible minority composition Showing Toronto's visible minority composition Wikipedia

A 1991 report by the Economic Council of Canada gave a ringing endorsement to immigration, and actually called for rates to be increased. A 2005 report by the Royal Bank of Canada concurred, advising that the government let four hundred thousand immigrants come here per year to ensure continued economic growth. And this is only continuing a trend that’s been prevalent here since the very beginning...

Canada has always depended on immigrants for economic stimulus, from the Chinese laborers that completed the trans-Canada railway, to the Ukrainian farmers that fed a wartime Canada with their crops and kept some shred of the business world afloat, to the influx of skilled workers that are now running this country. It’s reached a point where a newcomer to Canada is actually more likely to have a degree than a native. Those who come here are the cream of the crop, the intelligent dreamers looking for better lives.


Below are some facts about immigration and its impact on Toronto:

•    65% of ALL Toronto residents are Immigrants (number includes foreign-born parents offspring).
•    The median age is 38 years.
•    Foreign-born people made up 49.9% of the population in 2006
•    As of 2006, 46.9% of the residents of the city belong to a visible minority group.
•     Visible minorities are projected to comprise a majority in Toronto by 2017.
•    According to the United Nations Development Programme, Toronto has the second-highest percentage of constant foreign-born population among world cities, after Miami, Florida.
•    While Miami's foreign-born population consists mostly of Cubans and other Latin Americans, NO single nationality or culture dominates Toronto's immigrant population, placing it among the most diverse cities in the world, ALSO known as a Global City.

Pie chart showing Toronto's visible minority composition (data from Canada 2006 Census)
Toronto by race:
•    European ethnicities formed the largest cluster of ethnic groups in Toronto -52.6% mostly of British, Irish, Italian, and French origins.
•    5 largest visible minority groups in Toronto:
•    South Asian (12.0%)
•    Chinese (11.4%)
•    Black (8.4%)
•    Filipino (4.1%)
•     Latin American (2.6%).
•    Aboriginal peoples, who are (not considered visible minorities) – (0.5%)

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